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Logan Pepper – Created by Don Valentine


2020 Update!!! The Logan Pepper is now in F4, or generation 4.

What is the Logan Pepper? Well it’s a hybrid we created in 2016 when we cross-pollinated the Red Carolina Reaper with the Yellow Moruga Scorpion. It was a hopeful experiment that we had to wait to see what happened with the seeds during the 2017 growing season. And it’s HOT! You won’t find these seeds for sale anywhere else….yet. 

The last five years, the world has seen some of the hottest peppers ever recorded! The Ghost (bhut jolokia) was the reigning king for awhile, but then the Scorpion, and now the Carolina Reaper have taken the throne. Pepper X is the apparent new contender, but not available to the general public.

Below you will find seeds of the pepper varieties we currently have for sale. Each pack of seeds comes with germination/planting instructions, and shipping is included in the price.

LOGAN Pepper

This is our very own creation! A super-hot combination of a red Carolina Reaper and a yellow Moruga Scorpion.

No seeds available at this time, we are still working on bringing this plant to a healthy strain. 2020 marks the fourth generation (F4) and it produced some crazy shapes, some bigger, bumpier, and meaner looking peppers. We harvested the seeds out of the biggest and healthiest peppers for germination in the 2019 growing season.

We will have photos of the Gen4 Logan Peppers very soon! They are looking just as mean, bumpy, and spikey as previous years!

Carolina Reaper

This is rated as the hottest pepper in the world, at least that you can get your consumer hands on as of the beginning of 2018.

Sold out for the 2020 season, Thank you! Check back again in 2021!
Yellow Moruga Scorpion

2nd Hottest Pepper behind the Carolina Reaper. The pain is real.

Sold out for the 2020 season, thank you! Check back with us in 2021!
Chocolate Bhut Jolokia (Ghost)

Once the hottest pepper on the block, the Bhut Jolokia (aka GHOST PEPPER) is still a contender.....this will surely bring you the pain you seek.

Chocolate Bhut Jolokia (Ghost) - Free shipping!

Jamaican Hot Chocolate

This is very often confused with chocolate habanero. This is it's own unique chocolate pain. Hotter than habanero, not quite a super-hot.

Jamaican Hot Chocolate - Free shipping!

Chocolate Senegal

This is a hot pepper, very closely related to the chocolate habanero, but this has a unique flavor! This is a good pepper to dry out and grind into chili powder. Perfect for meat rubs, soups, and dips.

Chocolate Senegal - Free shipping!

Mustard Habanero

This is a standard habanero, just mustard in color. Plant will produce well if maintained and harvested throughout the season.

Mustard Habanero - Free shipping!


Habanero - Free shipping!

Black Pearl

Small peppers, these grow upside down on the plant, about 50 at a time. Keep cutting them off and the plant will keep producing a few hundred of these. They make great powder when dried out and ground up!

Black Pearl

Cherry Bomb

This is a mild to hot pepper great for stuffing! They grow to about the size of a small tomato, and even resemble a small tomato. They grow upside down on the plant. This plant will not grow very tall, and you'll need to harvest as often as possible to maximize your yield.
Cherry Bomb Peppers

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This is a fantastic cooking pepper, but it's also a tasty little snack when fried up in just a little olive oil with sea salt and lemon. You'll want to harvest these when they are green for maximum "frying flavor". They aren't that great to eat right off the plant, but you'll be amazed at the aroma and flavor the olive oil and heat from the pan brings out. The plant grows to about 2 to 3 feet in height, and will produce thin long peppers about 2 to 3 inches long. Harvest often for maximum yield.


We do not ship seeds outside of the USA, except to Alaska and Hawaii.