The Logan Pepper – created by Don Valentine of

The Logan Pepper

What is the Logan Pepper? It’s a custom creation, the result of a cross-pollination experiment of the Red Carolina Reaper and the Yellow Moruga Scorpion during the 2016 grow season. Below, is the very first pepper to grow the following 2017 growing season. The Logan has successfully reproduced to generation 2 in 2018, and the plant has survived being topped down to 5 inches tall, moved indoors under grow lights and has completely grown back to it’s bushy self! Generation 3 Logan plants will be plentiful this coming 2019 growing season!

Logan Pepper – Created by Don Valentine

I harvested the seeds out of as many peppers as I had left, I gave some out to friends for testing. The videos below document some of those testings below!

My buddy Rhamie from Florida decided to make the Logan Pepper his first experience with a super-hot! Thank you Rhamie for the video review!

Thank you Travis from Oklahoma for attempting to test our pepper. Even though you didn’t even eat a whole halved pepper with the seeds and placenta removed, you still tried it, and your wife captured it on video for me. Thank you Leah!

My buddies Alex & Zack out in California were up for the challenge of testing the first second generation Logan peppers to see just how hot they were. It was the first time either of them have eaten whole pods before. Alex actually ate 1½!

These brave Pennhurst ghouls from Pennsylvania were brave enough to try eating a whole Logan pod from the first generation (2017).  Evan (wearing the Pennhurst shirt) was the only one out of the two to actually eat the pepper. Jerry spit his out after a few seconds. I should have kept recording to capture for the following 15 – 20 minutes of their reaction. The heat continued to grow, stomach cramping, tears……ahhhh good times!

Bruce from Pennyslvania, another Pennhurst employee reviewed the Logan pepper, first generation (2017) for me after his shift at Costco.

This right here, is the man the pepper was named after, solely because he was the first person to offer to eat a whole pod. Logan Wells shall live in infamy as the first recorded human to eat a Logan pepper, first generation (2017), after a night of haunting at Pennhurst Asylum. Like other videos, I should have kept the recording going for some time after, because the Logan is a very slow build to the pain train. Thanks again Logan!